Fatty (Deluxe Edition)

by The Venus De Melos

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All the sounds on this Album were written, performed, programmed, produced, mixed and mastered by Mikhail Kokirtsev.

Except for the guitar solos on:
"Beauty" performed by Evgeni Iattcheni (Hello Jupiter).

"Statum" performed by Francisco Garcia.

A huge shout out to Maxx for doing vocal production, keyboards, co-producing and being an awesome friend throughout the entire ride.

Album Art crafted as always by the very lovely and talented Yevgeniya Ryaboy.

If you enjoy listening to the music and support what TVDM does please consider donating, sharing and/or following "us" on our social media pages. Since this is a DIY effort all the help is greatly appreciated.

Here are just a few:


<3 - Mish


released August 1, 2016



all rights reserved


The Venus De Melos Brooklyn, New York

"The Aphrodite of Melody" is an ever evolving musical landscape that attempts to challenge and incorporate all forms of art into a beautiful cohesive package. The Venus De Melos delivers a plethora of sounds and emotions that make it hard to pine for more. ENJOY! ... more

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Track Name: Fatty
Stop bringing me down to your level
Cause Ive been there and Ive been much better
Take these notions and place them wherever
Cause Ive had it with you and your endeavors

These moments together impact our lives forever
Yet we still hear voice that try to change our courses

Theres no need to change my decision
let's just try to avoid these collisions
Since we all share the same seamless visions
Light this fatty sit back and listen

These moments together impact our lives forever
Yet we still hear voice that try to change our courses

I guess some things will never change
as long as these differences remain

Stop bringing me down to your level
Cause Ive been there and Ive been much better
Take these notions and place them wherever
Light this fatty and feel better
Track Name: Trip
Let's embark on this trip
No sign of hindrance
It's all clear skies ahead
Surrounded by dear friends
Abort the ignorance
Of our lives back home
It's time to spread and grow

This trip this trip that leads us to
Outside outside of what we knew
Our will our will will pull us through
To this trip for something

Let's feel the sand and sea
Cleanse our every need
Until we're satisfied
We witness sceneries
As we revel in ecstasy
Amongst the bonfire
I cannot help but smile


Well I've found something new
Track Name: Hollow
Now with everything said and done
This pages fold has found me stunned
This surge of feelings found inside
Will never subside

I feel hollow
Beside my shadow
Emotions swallowed
Until they're borrowed

And as we live with no regrets
I cannot seem to feel content
Even with all of this time
That has just flown by

No sun no shade no love no pain
I left the physical plane
Track Name: Sol Soul
One step closer we are on our merry way
Ignore the obstacles keep pushing for the next day
With our heads up high
Our goals inline
Let's switch the paradigm
Before the whole world knows
How we could roll
We got this under control

Go on and chase that sun

Pack light act right we don't need your insight cuz
We feel warm whenever we look inside
We can't see what's ahead it too bright
We block shade even in the moonlight
Emanate all your energy let's ignite
All I know is that we are gon be alright

Yeah we be going to be alright
If you don't trust me just look at my eyes
Count 1 2 3 this ain't a disguise
My soul has already taken flight
Up to the sea of the stars I didnt even need a radar
This shell is a living memoir of happiness gone too far

Make your self useful and roll out the red carpet
Make your self blissful so roll up that fatty and spark it

Keep it lit fam keep it lit
Track Name: Fuego
I see fire in the space that you take how do you make
My desire not fade I'll make you quake so won't you please stay

I know you feel this chemically
Reactions rise in intensity
So let me strip away all your dna

Your presence gives me energy
Without it I feel the entropy
Then this collision has to be destiny

When you set your gaze
The air starts to change
Put all your matter aside and just let me inside
Let me trace the curves of your mind
Leave the make up in the seed
Your atoms are all I need

Fuego fuego better ring the alarm
I feel the burn from your entity yet I remain calm
You seem confused by my manner no sweat on my palms
Rest assured I got you I'm the bomb dot com
So drop your weapons there's no need to be armed
I could tell you feel ecstatic but this is my norm
The way your body moves looks like an art form
Let me feel you as we weather this brain storm

Eternal flame
Don't ever stop that beautiful frame
Let no body tame
What we share together just remain the same
Track Name: Astral
Let's get lost in each others thoughts
As the cosmos swallows us whole
Still with no place to go
Let's just stay here and enjoy the planetary flow
So spin and twirl around as the stars shine brightly in the background
No need to utter a sound because

I don't care about the space or time when I'm with you
Since all my fondest memories are held between us two

Just as we sway across the milky way
All the meteors fall like rain
According to design just like you and I were meant to be aligned
So as this black hole eats us alive
I'm going to need you by my side

It's astral the way you make me feel
Track Name: Aloha
Wake up wake up wake up
You don't need another sign
To get up get up get get up
Appreciate life
Or know which way to cross cosmic plains
Just relax and maintain our mercurial ways

These actions aren't of my design
I don't make up my mind


Step up step up step up
To your worth and your shine
So Give up give up give up
on trying to define
The beauty behind the maddening climb always leaves us chasing the next high
You can never run or attempt to hide you're welcome to try but it's a waste of time

These actions aren't of my design
I don't make up my mind


We'll always choose love
We'll always be in love
I hope you choose love
Track Name: Beauty
A moment through the looking glass
Maybe it's just a dream I can see everything (it isn't half empty)
Over on the greener grass
Cut like a diamond the sweetest of melodies
Sung break your walls like a language
Down the sacred symmetry in you I've found

Hey beauty
Reveal yourself to me
I just want to set you free
So come and fly with me
Hey beauty

What on terra is that?
Alienated ethereal radiance
Glowing from behind your back
Quite captivating I can't quite explain it
Yet Im drawn to figure you out
The puzzle to your being that's bound

You will be mine for all of time
Track Name: Statum
Medic medic hurry up I need my fix
But it just won't do
There simply is no substitute for the real thing ain't that the truth
I heard a whisper say I can't be myself when I'm with you
Yet you still control me like it's voodoo

Don't worry
It'll be over soon
For me or you

It's got a hold of me /just let me go
I'm sinking in misery/ leave me alone
Give me back my agency/ cus I can't grow I can't grow

Won't you Please hear my scream/ I need to know
Because I need to flee/ from my shadow
And this decaying body/ is gonna blow
Is gonna blow

So it's come to this
Keeping me on the hook by your lips
Dispell whatever dark magic that you placed
This addiction isn't healthy I need to escape

I keep taking more sips of that nectar
These doses help me find my center
I'll take it with the pain and the pleasure
Cus we're unstoppable when we're together
Track Name: Piece of Mind
I've had enough when push comes to shove
waiting for the control you don't have such luck
keep calling out to sea your piercing sirens plea just doesn't work on me
and here we are again relations left to mend
stare with devilish intent yet innocent we stand

Why do you always think that you're right
when all your answers just lead to fights

No battle was won yet this distaste keep me coming back to you
So I think we're done our constant struggles have been leaving me to rue
This union of ours everything devoured
You left me feeling bitter form our very lest encounter
So i turn away from every word you say
Yet we still wake up together every single day
Track Name: You're Dead to Me
Seem like a place that you could call home
Cold to the bone
Your nurture has affected your genome
Just erase the way you say my name
I need to cut you loose for my sanity to regain

You're dead to me

May the white in your eyes fade with life that you breathe
I want to be the silhouette you see as you lay there and bleed
So Slit the ventricle
That makes you sensible
for this treason
Ill inherit a reason to make
Your torment plentiful

Let me make a tomb from your memories
Would it kill you to show some sympathy
I'm free from your retched treachery
I guess some things just never change